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Are you a property owner thinking of selling a problem property in Liverpool or Merseyside, but feel trapped and unable to sell via conventional selling methods? If so, we believe we have a solution that can help you sell your problem property in Liverpool, fast. 

A problem property may have issues with damp, a roof in a very poor state of repair, problem plumbing and electrics, problem windows or glazing or even problems with subsidence. It may be in such a poor state of repair that you may feel it's not ready to market via an estate agent. If that's the case, we can help relieve the stress and buy the property from you now, so you don't have to complete the costly renovation or refurbishment work before you try to sell it. 

Properties Bought 4 Cash buy all sorts of property across Liverpool and Merseyside, in all conditions. We have over 20 years of experience in buying problem properties in Liverpool and are not put off from buying properties that are in very poor states of repair.

We're a Liverpool based company and our knowledge of Liverpool means we can often present our clients a more competitive offer than our competitors (as we know the market inside out), allowing you to sell quickly and for a greater sale price. 

We will pay for your valuation and we will pay for your legal fees, meaning you can move on with your life without the worry of the costs associated with selling a property. 

To find our our more or to speak with our professional, discreet and friendly team, click on the "start the process" button below and a member of the Properties Bought 4 Cash team will contact you to discuss how we can help.  


Tell us about the property you own, including the full address and post-code 


We will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your free property valuation 

We have a proven track record of buying properties in Liverpool in less than 28 days! 


We speak to dozens of Liverpool and Property owners every month, in your exact position who may be worried about the condition of their property and concerned about the work needed to carry out before they can list it for sale with a traditional estate agent. 

We can take that worry away from you, and buy your problem property in it's current state. 

So why might you consider selling your property to Properties Bought 4 Cash, rather than a traditional estate agent? Below, we highlight some of the most common reasons why our fast sale service might be right for you.   

+ We Buy Property 28 Days! - Yes, that's right, 28 days from start to finish. We have even been known to buy a property in just 7 days. The PB4C team have over 20 years of experience in the Liverpool and Merseyside property market and only buy property in these areas. Whatever the state or repair or problem is with your property, we are interested in buying it from you. 

+ We Pay For All Selling Fees - As part of our problem property buying service, we will pay for all of the associated selling costs. That means no valuation fees, no admin fees, no solicitors fees, no estate agent fees, we will pay for everything. Our professional team ensures a smooth and compliant transaction, so you can sell your property without the stress of having to pay out anything. 

+ Relief from Financial Stress and Worry - You no longer have to worry about the expenses of refurbishing and renovating your property before you sell it. We will buy your property as it is in its current state of repair, no matter how bad it is. Choosing to sell to us provides a swift solution to relieve these financial burdens. 

+ No Need for Costly Repairs - We're often told by our clients that despite wanting to improve the state of repair inside their properties, they simply don't have the spare money available to commit to the project. Also, traditional buyers often expect properties to be in pristine condition, leading to a property in a poor state of repair sitting on the market un-sold for many months. We'll buy your property as-is, regardless of its current state of repair. You can skip the costly and time-consuming renovation process.

+ Fair and Competitive Offers - Our goal is to provide you with a transparent and satisfactory deal, ensuring you receive a fair price for your property. Our service means you can sell your property to us in 28 days, rather than have to wait up to 6 months or more selling via an estate agent. 

Contact our team today for a free and no obligation initial consultation. 



We consider all property in all conditions across Liverpool and Merseyside, offering you a quick and stress-free sale, regardless of the property's condition.

Whether the property needs a new roof, skimming or plastering, new electrics and plumbing or new kitchens and bathrooms, we will still consider buying it from you. We can help you move on and forget about your old property.  

At Properties Bought 4 Cash, we have your interests in mind. We will pay an agreed and fair value for your problem property, and whether it's a house or a flat we will pay all of the legal fees and have the sale complete within 28 days of signing the contracts.

We will not charge any hidden fees and will pay you the agreed amount, in full, FAST!

Our Service is 100% free 

ALL property across Liverpool & Merseyside considered

Free property valuations as standard 

Best cash prices paid in Liverpool 

We pay all of your legal fees 

We can complete in less than 28 days

Repossessions prevented


  • Do you buy property outside of Liverpool & Merseyside?
    No, we only buy property in Liverpool and Merseyside. We're from Liverpool, our offices are in Liverpool and we've got 20 years' experience in the Liverpool property market so there isn't much we don't know about buying property for cash in Liverpool and Merseyside.
  • How much does it cost to use your services?
    It's free. We won't charge you any fees whatsoever, we'll even pay for your solicitors fees.
  • If your service is free, how do you make money?
    We're able to buy your property for cash in less than 28 days, which is far quicker than the conventional estate agent route. To enable us to buy your property so quickly, we will offer you a property valuation that is a little less than the value an estate agent might place on your property. However, we will complete your purchase at lightning-quick speed, plus pay your valuation and legal fees! If you need to sell your property quickly, we can help you.
  • Can you really complete in under 28 days?
    Absolutely and we've even been known to buy a property in Merseyside in 7 days! However, we will go at your pace and not pressure you to complete in particular time frame.
  • My property is in a state of disrepair, will you still buy it?
    Yes, that doesn't put us off, we'll even buy derelict or fire damaged properties. We have a team of highly skilled property professionals that help us to refurbish and renovate the properties we buy. ‎If your property needs updating and you want a quick and hassle-free sale then please contact us today.
  • I don't want anyone knowing my business, are you discreet?
    We take great care in protecting your privacy. We will not put any signs outside your house or market your property online. We will simply buy your property so you can move and get on with your life.
  • How do I get started?
    Contact us today by calling 0151 208 0252 and one of our friendly team will be pleased to help you. Alternatively, complete an online enquiry form and we'll contact you at your convenience to discuss how we help.
“A pleasent experience, thank you. All tied up in about a month, as promised!"

Alan Smith, Merseyside


If you own a problem property that you would like to sell in 28 days then contact us today.  PB4C offer a professional, friendly and fast property buying service across Liverpool and Merseyside. 

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